Morocco’s Solar Power Plant

Morocco is on the move to complete the world largest concentrated solar power plant. The UK who is widely recognized and respected for her expertise in renewable energy, and its experienced solar industry has great potential for collaboration with Morocco in this crucial sector. This partnership would aid Morocco gain ground in the actualization of her ambition to source half of Her energy from renewable sources.

UK’s international trade Minister, Conor Burns highlighted this interest by stating that, “As we get Brexit done, we want a closer trading partnership with African nations including Morocco….working to build on our already strong and lasting partnership and finding even more ways to work together, including in finance, agriculture and green energy. I am confident that our relationship will grow even stronger in the months and years to come”.

 British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (C) visits the Pavegen stand, a company that    converts footsteps into energy, at the Innovation Zone during the UK-Africa  Investment Summit on January 2I 0, 2020 in London, England

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