Africa Cashless Payment Submit

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The conference shall create a point of convergence for Payment Systems Executives, Financial Institutions, Fintech Companies, Payment Card Executives, Economic leaders where critical decisions will be taken on strategies for a seamless and secured cashless payment system in Africa. The Conference will also look at the Modern Cashless Payment Systems using cash-substitutes as compared to traditional payment systems. These include: Debit cards, Credit cards, Electronic funds transfers, Direct Credits, Direct Debits, Internet Banking, e-Wallet, Mobile Money and e-Commerce Payment Systems.
From cash to cashless: The Journey of Cashless Payment Systems in Africa. Cashless Financial Transactions and the role of Technology. Financial Transaction Standards in a digitized Africa. The challenges of Cross Border transaction. Financial Fraud Detection in a cashless world. Money laundering in a cashless payment system. The Future of Cashless Economy in Africa.

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