62% of Nigerians saw no power supply improvement in 2 years

A poll conducted by NOI Polls Limited has stated that an average of 62.6 percent of Nigerian households saw no improvement in power supply to their households between 2013 and 2015 despite the privatization exercise carried out in the sector, Daily Independent reports.

Polls for the first quarter of 2015 revealed that only 37.4 percent households surveyed said they saw some improvement.  The NOI Polls result implies that for a period of two years of monitoring trends in the power sector, there has been no remarkable improvement in power supply, as the larger proportion of Nigerians have not seen any improvement in power supply to their households.

In line with the findings, the South West zone recorded the worst power supply of 67 percent in the past 27 months when compared with other geopolitical zones in Nigeria. The South East zone recorded the highest average improvement 42 percent in power supply in the same 27 month period.

More findings revealed that over the same period, Nigerian households received an average daily cumulative power supply of between 5.4 – 7.1 hours per day.

Consequently, an average of 77.5 percent of Nigerians relied on the purchase and use of alternative sources of power, such as generators, inverters, and solar installations etc, which are typically more expensive to run than direct power supply from distribution companies (DISCOs).

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