Ethiopia: An Exceptional Airliner for African Economic Integration, Unity

Since 1951 when Ethiopian Airlines commenced international flights, it has remained the huge figure in Africa’s aviation industry. Its role in the inception and foundation of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) is invaluable. The motto of the airline, “Bringing Africa Together”, which was issued in 1960s, demonstrated its aspiration to bring the continent closer […]

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SMEs in Kenya

How SMEs grow Kenya’s economy

While Kenya’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs) continue to create jobs and boost the country’s GDP, they face challenges that always hamper their growth. Kenya’s 2017  overall  GDP  growth  is projected at 6.4 per cent, with SMEs contributing 3 per cent. A National Economic Survey report by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) indicated that […]

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South African Government given until 2019 to transform telecommunications

The African National Congress (ANC) conference has given South African government until June 2019 to complete the movement from analogue to digital broadcast technology. The initial deadline, which was June 2015, has already been missed by the government, as determined by the International Telecommunication Union, due to a legal dispute between government and broadcasters over […]

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